Camouflage Contest: Design a Steam-Themed Fighting Machine – Winner!


When the polls opened last week, thousands voted to choose the next player-made camouflage to make it into World of Warships.
Congratulations to Jav9th from the NA Server—winner of our camouflage contest with 2631 votes!The winning camouflage will be implemented in the game in fall 2022.

Top 10 Winners:

Jav9th (NA)
KytsunaMiMi (CIS)
volcomix2021 (EU)
Omega_Star (ASIA)
CoeurDeLion (CIS)
besthija (CIS)
__C0ND0R__ (EU)
StfHerzog44 (EU) All prizes will be awarded no later than: Fri. 15 Jul. 02:00 CEST (UTC+2)

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