Guide to Separation of Exterior Visuals and Economic Bonuses

Our game was released almost 7 years ago. Since then, one of the crucial elements of World of Warships—its economy—hasn’t changed much in its key aspects.

Over time, a lot of issues have emerged that are well worth tweaking or improving. Now, we’re kicking off a major overhaul of the economic component of the game by separating visual customization from economic bonuses.

Goals of the New Changes

In the process of making changes to the in-game economy, we committed to an important principle: Our players won’t lose their earnings overall, and in certain cases, they will earn even more. We pursued several goals:
Offer an option to select economic bonuses and visual elements (camouflages) separately.
Provide an easier way to manage economic bonuses.
Enable a user-friendly transition from the old system to the new one.
Maintain the current state of the in-game economy, i.e., prices and earnings.We have improved the interface, bonus management, Inventory display, and much more.

Key Changes

Economic bonuses will now act as individual in-game entities that are separate from camouflages and signals. Camouflage patterns will change a ship’s exterior only and will be used separately from these bonuses.

The new system will include the following expendable economic bonuses:

Only one expendable economic bonus can be applied to each resource (Credits, Base XP, Free XP, and Commander XP) at the same time. This limitation serves to simplify the way the system works. The values of these bonuses are designed in such a way that they can cover even the most profitable combinations from the current system.

Permanent economic bonuses are purchased and used separately from permanent camouflages, and the effects of these bonuses are applied to a ship’s economy on a permanent basis. Expendable bonuses can be used together with permanent bonuses.
After the release of the new update, all current economic signals and camouflages will be converted into the new economic bonuses.We’ve made the following changes to the in-game economy:
New profitability of Tier IX–X ships.
New principles of earning Free XP and Commander XP.
Increased earning of Credits in Co-op Battles.
The bonus to the reduction in the cost of servicing ships will only be available from the Clan Naval Base.The outcome is that camouflages are going to affect the aesthetics of ship exteriors only, so they are being stripped of all combat bonuses they previously offered. The bonus that provided a 3% reduction to detectability range by sea is now included in all ships’ tech specs by default. We also removed the bonus that increased the dispersion of incoming enemy shells by 4%.

Changes to the In-Game Economy


We’ve significantly increased bonuses that influence gaining Free XP and Commander XP. However, these values are no longer influenced by the bonus applied to Ship XP. The calculations are now simpler, and it will now be easier to understand how to use the system itself.
The base amount of earned Free XP has increased from 5% to 10%.

Bonus to the Reduction in the Cost of Servicing Ships

The expendable bonus to the reduction in the cost of servicing ships is a bonus to Credits by its nature. Its value greatly depends on the tier of a ship it is used with. Therefore, we decided to remove and substitute it. The system has become simpler, and the amount of earned Credits has increased.

Expendable bonuses to the reduction in the cost of servicing ships have been changed from signals or camouflages to a temporary resource that can be exchanged for other bonuses in the Armory.

Bonuses to the reduction in the cost of servicing ships provided by permanent camouflages have been replaced by an equivalent bonus to Credits. Note that it’s significantly more beneficial for ships of Tier IX and below. The cost of servicing researchable Tier IX–X ships has been reduced, and the sum of Credits earned in Co-op Battles has been increased a little:
The base cost of servicing researchable ships has been reduced from 120,000 to 115,000 Credits for Tier IX ships; from 180,000 to 150,000 Credits for Tier X ships.
In Co-op Battles, the cost of ship servicing has been reduced by 13.3%, and the sum of earned Credits has been increased by 12.5%.On average, the sum of earned Credits with a permanent bonus applied to Tier IX–X ships hasn’t changed, and it has become even higher for ships of lower tiers. If you play with good combat performance, the sum of earned Credits will be much higher.

Changes to Basic Earnings

Since the very beginning, the XP and Credit reward system used a declining method to reward players for this or that action in the game, i.e., the first actions brought more reward than the following. This made it easier to earn small amounts of XP or Credits and hampered the gain of larger amounts. Starting from this update, we’re increasing the amount that will be easier to obtain and slightly decreasing the threshold from which it’ll be more difficult to obtain large amounts. For example, it’ll be easier to earn a basic amount of 200,000 Credits (i.e., Credits before using any modifiers) on Tier X ships. As a comparison, for a Tier X ship with a permanent camouflage:
Currently, in Version 0.11.5, the cost of the post-battle service is 90,000 Credits, the profit is increased by 20%.
In the new system, after all the changes implemented in Update 0.11.6, the cost of the post-battle service will be 150,000 Credits, the profit will be increased by 50%.Given 200,000 Credits, the profit will remain the same. However, if your earnings are higher than the amount above, the new system will be more effective. Given all the new changes, your average amount of earned Credits will remain the same or become even higher.

Interface Changes

Economic Bonuses Section

A new Economic Bonuses section has been added to the Ship Specifications section in the Port. It allows you to see all the economic bonuses applied to your ship.

Clicking the tab will open the Economic Bonuses section in the Port.

You can apply the best expendable bonuses all at once or remove them from the ship.

[expand style=more] [/expand]
Both permanent and expendable bonuses can be applied to your ship simultaneously. In such cases, all bonuses stack up.
Level 1 and level 2 bonuses are available to purchase using Doubloons directly in the Economic Bonuses section.
Level 1 bonuses are available for 12 Doubloons; level 2 bonuses are available for 24 Doubloons.

Auto-Resupply and Auto-Purchasing

These are two different entities that have been divided to facilitate the use of large numbers of bonuses. The auto-resupply option will always be enabled, allowing you to have the same bonus automatically applied to the ship after being used if this bonus is available. The use of this option doesn’t require you to spend Doubloons.

You can enable the auto-purchase option at your discretion, and it will allow you to automatically purchase bonuses of the first two levels (for example, +20% and +40% Credits) and any camouflages that you expend.

Large to Small Bonus Exchange

During the conversion process, we aim to provide the player with more large bonuses, but it may decrease the total number on your account compared to the number of signals and camouflages. If you want to use smaller bonuses more often than larger ones, in a few game updates, you will be able to to exchange them in the Inventory.

The exchange process ensures that the aggregate value of the bonuses is maintained. For example, a +7,200% to Free XP bonus can be divided into three +2,400% bonuses. Each of them can be further divided into four +600% bonuses, and each of them can be divided into two +300% bonuses. Bonuses can only be exchanged for those available in the new system. For example, you can’t divide a +100% to XP bonus into two +50% bonuses.

To mitigate potential inconveniences related to shifting to the new system, we’ll grant you one bonus of every type and value, regardless of what you have at your disposal. Sixteen additional bonuses in total.

Exterior Section

Along with separating the economic bonuses, we’ve updated the Camouflages tab in the Exterior section.

Camouflages are divided by themed categories.

Players will always be able to obtain the majority of expendable camouflages, except special camos—co-branded; status; or especially rare, such as Recruiting Station, King of the Sea, or Gold. Available camouflages can be auto-purchased for Credits or obtained from the brand-new More Camouflages container. It will be available as a daily container, can be purchased for Community Tokens, or can be found in various bundles or combat missions.

Camouflages will cost from 22,500 to 90,000 Credits, depending on their category:
Standard, e.g., Type 1 or European—22,500 Credits.
Single Color, e.g., Type 21 or Trophy—45,000 Credits.
Abstract, e.g., Ocean Soul or French Riviera—75,000 Credits.
Themed, e.g., Union Jack or Summer—90,000 Credits.Some camouflages will become available under the tab as your account access level increases. To have the majority of them displayed, you’ll have to obtain these camouflages from any source first. If an expendable camouflage was available on your account but its stock was completely spent before the release of Update 0.11.6, it will be available to obtain in the new system.

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You can sell any of your camouflages, except special ones, in the Inventory. The option to sell special camouflage is going to be added to the game in one of upcoming updates.

The auto-resupply and auto-purchase options will also be available for camouflages.

Permanent Bonuses and Camouflages

Permanent camouflages and permanent economic bonuses can now be obtained separately. The cost of an economic bonus is a little lower than that of a permanent camouflage.
The first permanent camouflage that you purchase for a researchable ship in the Exterior section will be available at a discount if you didn’t have a permanent camouflage for this ship before the release of Update 0.11.6. This discount will remain in place if you obtain the camouflage for this ship from another source after the release of Update 0.11.6.
The total combined cost of a bonus and the first camouflage is equal to the cost of a permanent camouflage prior to the update.
All subsequently obtained permanent camouflages for the same ship will have the same cost as before.Let’s take an example. If you have X Yamato without permanent camouflages and economic bonuses, then:
Cost of a permanent economic bonus is 4,800 Doubloons.
Cost of the first-purchased permanent camouflage is 4,800 Doubloons lower. For example, the Scorpioid camouflage costs 3,200 Doubloons; Type 20—200 Doubloons.
The cost of the second and subsequently purchased permanent camouflages is the same as before. For example, Scorpioid camouflage costs 8,000 Doubloons; Type 20—5,000 Doubloons.Thus, the value of already available permanent camouflages and economic bonuses remains the same. The first permanent camouflage can now be purchased at a much lower price.
Permanent camouflages that weren’t attached to a ship and could be used with any ship of a specific tier will be converted into two different entities:
Permanent economic bonus that corresponds to a standard bonus for the tier.
Permanent camouflage that only effects the visual exterior of the ship.These entities do not necessarily have to be bound to the same ship. The camouflage can be bound to one ship and the bonus to another.

Combat Signals

Combat signal management is performed in the Equipment tab.

In addition to changes to the interface and in-game economy, we’ve also updated the icons for resources, signals, and camouflages.

The total number of combat signals, camouflages, and economic bonuses displayed in the game client includes those already attached to your ships. Now, you’ll always be aware of the total sum of your stock—you’ll see the total number of signals and camouflages on your account.

Other Changes

Updated Rewards

The large-scale updates and addition of a new entity have resulted in changes to all rewards in the game. Economic and special signals will be replaced by bonuses in combat missions, campaigns, Operations, and collections. The variety of camouflages has been increased, and some camouflages have also been replaced by bonuses.

The contents of all containers with signals or camouflages have changed.
After the release of the update, detailed information about the updated rewards will be available in the game client and on our website.

Clan Base Bonuses

Bonuses to Free XP and Commander XP are no longer related to ships’ XP. Hence, the Naval Academy provides an XP bonus that doesn’t influence other XP types. This has resulted in changes to Clan Base structures.
Bonuses to Free XP of all levels provided by the Design Bureau have been doubled. The completed structure will give you +50% Free XP for Tier I–X ships instead of 25%.
The bonus to Commander XP for every level in the Academy has been increased by 1%. The completed structure will give you +15% Commander XP instead of 10%.

Premium Account

Premium Account provides bonuses to all types of XP and Credits as it did prior to the changes to the system. However, note that XP bonuses no longer effect Free XP and Commander XP.

Just as it did prior to the update, Premium Account still increases the Base XP and Credits you earn. Premium Account will increase your Base XP and Credit earnings in a similar way to the old system.

Bonus to XP for the First Victory

The bonus for the first victory of the day will give you +50% XP, +50% Free XP, and +50% Commander XP.


All players who have a special combat mission for Missouri will obtain an improved permanent Credit bonus instead. Players will receive +40% Credits instead of +10%. This facilitates the bonus tracking process.

Daily Containers

In Update 0.11.6, the following daily containers will be available for all players:
More Economic Rewards, which replaces the More Credits container
More Signals
More Coal
Try Your Luck
Brand-new More Camouflages containerExpendable camouflages have been removed from all daily containers except the More Camouflages and Try Your Luck containers. Containers have been complemented with expendable economic bonuses.

Detailed information about contents of containers, their mechanics, and drop rates can be found here.

Access Levels

Apart from that, the following two account access levels are going to be added to support the upcoming changes:
Level 5, unlocking signals
Level 7, unlocking economic bonuses for shipsThis means that we’re increasing the total number of access levels to 17. At the same time, the total number of battles that need to be fought to unlock all access levels will remain the same. Players won’t lose any progress in terms of unlocking access levels. They will receive all missed rewards.

You can read about the rewards for unlocking access levels and the required number of battles to unlock them in the game client.



In the Customizations section, economic signals and expendable camouflages have been replaced by bundles with expendable economic bonuses available for Coal.

Naval Community

After the release of Update 0.11.6, all permanent camouflages for researchable ships, all expendable camouflages, and the Signal Spoils bundle will cease to be available in the Naval Community section. The tab now holds bundles with economic bonuses and the brand-new More Camouflages container.


In August, a new permanent coupon will be implemented in the game. It will provide a discount when purchasing economic bonuses for Coal. The coupon can be used four times until its next reset.

Economic Bonus Tokens

Service cost reduction bonuses from expendable camouflages and signals have been replaced by Economic Bonus Tokens. They can be exchanged in a special section of the Armory for other bonuses until the release of Update 0.11.8. Level 1 bonuses (for example, +20% to Credits) will cost 3 Tokens; level 2 bonuses—6 Tokens; level 3 bonuses—24 Tokens.
With the release of Update 0.11.8, these Tokens will be converted into Credits at the rate of 1:6,000.

Exchange rate of bonuses for Tokens.

Transition to the New System

With the release of the update, economic bonuses will now act as individual in-game entities that are separate from camouflages and signals. The rules for permanent camouflages, expendable camouflages, and signals are slightly different.

Permanent Camouflages

You will receive permanent bonuses with the best values available from those of your permanent camouflages for specific ships.
If you had worse bonuses than the standard ones for a tier, they will be improved accordingly.
The post-battle service cost reduction bonus is replaced by a Credit bonus: For every 2% of service cost reduction, you get +1% Credits.
What if a camouflage didn’t apply a bonus to Free XP or Commander XP but applied a bonus to XP per battle? Then, you get not only a bonus to XP per battle but also bonuses to other types of XP.
The permanent camouflage for superships is an exception, and it will provide +200% XP, +200% Commander XP, and +100% Free XP.
1 For researchable ships, permanent bonuses are available for purchase from Tier V. For Premium ships, permanent bonuses are active by default.
2 The base cost of servicing researchable Tier IX and X ships has been reduced with the release of Update 0.11.6.
3 The value of the bonus is lower because the basic Free XP earnings have been doubled with the release of the update. This means that all bonuses that were previously applied by supership permanent camouflages are higher in the new system.

In addition, there are a number of permanent camouflages with non-standard bonuses:

Expendable Camouflages

Camouflages will remain on your account, but they will only affect the look of your ships’ exteriors. Moreover:
Combat bonuses have been removed.
The standard detectability range of all ships has been reduced by 3%.
Removed a bonus that increased shell dispersion by 4%.
Economic bonuses now act as individual in-game entities.The bonuses you get depend on the specific camouflage. The general rules are:
A bonus to XP per battle is converted into either the same or the next larger one. For example, +100% will become a +100% bonus, and +125% will become +200%.
Bonuses to Commander XP are calculated from bonuses to this type of XP and XP per battle. For example, if a camouflage provides +50% XP per battle and +100% Commander XP, it will increase Commander XP by 150% in the current system. The nearest bonus in the new system is 200%, so exactly this bonus will be given.
Bonuses to Free XP are calculated from bonuses to this type of XP and XP per battle. Keep in mind that Free XP earnings are now twice as large.
What if a camouflage didn’t apply a bonus to Free XP or Commander XP but applied a bonus to XP per battle? Then, you get not only a bonus to XP per battle but also bonuses to other types of XP. This is because the bonuses to different types of XP are no longer related to each other.
Bonuses to Credits will be converted into either the same or next larger one. For example, +30% to Credits will become a +40% bonus to Credits.


The system before the update made it possible to use several expendable bonuses of the same type at the same time, but the new system allows you to use only one to simplify things. However, we wanted to preserve the ability to achieve high bonus values, so the conversion will work like this:

Step 1

First, we check if a player has the maximum possible bonuses of a particular type on their account. For example, a complete “set” of special signals for Credits would be the Scylla, Leviathan, Basilisk, and Wyvern signals.

Step 2

One signal can fall within in several such sets. For example, Hydra provides a bonus to all types of XP. In this case, we count how many of the different sets the signals fall within. The number of received bonuses of each type is equal to the minimum number of signals required for the bonus. For example, if you have 100 Scylla, Leviathan, and Basilisk signals, but only 80 Wyvern signals, you will receive 80 bonuses to Credits.

Step 3

Bonuses from signals in sets are counted individually.


Let’s suppose an account has 250 Leviathan signals. Let’s assume that, taking into account other signals, it participates in sets the following number of times:

Commander XP
Free XP

Subtract these values from the total number of Leviathan signals to get the number of bonuses of each type that will participate in further conversion:

Commander XP
Free XP
250 — 100 = 150
250 — 80 = 170
250 — 50 = 200
250 — 150 = 100

After calculating the number of bonuses for sets, the remaining signals are converted into bonuses according to the following table:

* The bonus to Free XP is provided taking into account the bonus to XP and the doubling of Free XP earnings with the release of the changes.

Merging Bonuses

After the conversion, the bonuses received at the last step are merged according to the table below. This helps to take into account combinations of several signals from the old system that were not taken into account by full sets. Rounding up is applied if the bonuses are not sufficient in number. For example, if there are only two +200% XP bonuses, one +800% bonus will be given.

Bonuses for sets are not combined.

Service Cost Reduction


A small number of flags have economic bonuses. These are mainly flags for members of various volunteer programs, as well as for winners of the King of the Sea tournament. In the new system, these bonuses are not tied to the flags and are always active if they are available on an account.

There are three such “global” bonuses in total. The “For Personal Merits” bonus is always active.

The winners of the latest King of the Sea tournament receive a level 3 bonus.
Those who have one flag with economic bonuses, except the King of the Sea flag, receive a level 1 bonus.
Those who have more than one flag with economic bonuses, except the King of the Sea flag, receive a level 2 bonus.

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