Ranked Battles: Season 8

Update 0.11.6 kicks off the new Ranked Battles season.
Earn Doubloons, Steel, camouflages, and special containers.
Ranked Tokens are awarded for achieving Rank 1 in the Gold League.
Stock up on Tokens and purchase rare permanent camouflages!


The rewards for each league refresh and become available again at the start of each new Sprint.

Due to the separation of visual exterior elements and economic bonuses for ships, the rewards for each league have been changed.

Reaching Rank 1 will reward you with Bronze, Silver, and Gold League containers. Reaching Rank 1 in the Bronze League will reward you with 10x Bronze camouflages.



This season, all leagues involve Tier X ships fighting in a 6 vs. 6 format.

Compared to the previous season, the number of Stars required to complete the Gold League has increased. To achieve Rank 1, players will now need to earn one additional Star.

Game Maps and Modes

The Atlantic, Fault Line, Trap, Land of Fire, Northern Lights, Okinawa, Trident, Loop, Warrior’s Path, and Haven.
Battles on all maps are fought in Domination mode.[expand style=more] [/expand]

Season Structure

The season is divided into six Sprints, each lasting 2 weeks. Each new Sprint starts immediately after the end of the previous one.

After qualifying, you can continue to play in the next league without having to wait for the start of a new Sprint.

Bonus Combat Mission

A special combat mission is available with the start of the season: Earn 1,500 Base XP in Ranked Battles to receive two Gift containers.

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