Industry Titans and British Battleships in Early Access

Every update injects more variety into World of Warships.
Update 0.11.6 sees a new branch of British battleships arriving in the Early Access and the introduction of the Industry Titans temporary event.

British Battleships

The new British battleships are medium- and close-range fighters. They’re equipped with guns with a short firing range, and they are also armed with torpedoes. Their efficient Repair Party consumable can restore a significant amount of any damage dealt to them.

The battleships’ HE shells have standard penetration characteristics and average accuracy. Their AP shells have a typically British short fuse time. These shells are more efficient against lightly armored targets as they suffer from fewer overpenetrating hits. The guns have a solid caliber—up to 457 mm at Tier X.

Starting from Tier V, the ships are equipped with Engine Boost; from Tier VI—with Defensive AA Fire; and from Tier IX, Repair Party is replaced with Specialized Repair Teams.

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Early Access

III Indefatigable can be obtained via daily random bundles. You can obtain only one bundle (out of a total of 12) per day for 150 Doubloons.
IX Duncan can be obtained via random bundles. We’re offering 70 bundles at 1,000 Doubloons each.
IV Queen Mary, V Tiger, VI Renown, VII Rooke, and VIII Hawke are available via sequential bundles for British Tokens.
With the release of Update 0.11.8, all British Tokens will be converted into Credits at the rate of 1:18,000.
Upon obtaining all available sequential bundles, you’ll be able to acquire X St. Vincent in exchange for 20,000 Doubloons.When Update 0.11.8 goes live, the British battleships will become available for all players to research.

Industry Titans

A new temporary event awaits players in Update 0.11.6. The Chatham, Elswick, and Clydebank shipyards will compete for the right to be called the best shipbuilder serving the needs of the Royal Navy. Make your choice, and lend your support to one of the shipyards! Don’t forget—each of them will allow you to earn a unique reward.

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The Industry Titans event is similar to the New Year’s Eve and Clash of Courage ones.
Starts: Thu. 14 Jul. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)
Ends: Thu. 11 Aug. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

The Port of London has been updated to celebrate the event.

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Event Rules

The event will run until the release of Update 0.11.7 and is divided into four stages. Each stage lasts 1 week. Before starting each stage, you can choose one of three teams named after the British shipyards.
Chatham team. The shipyard in Chatham built more than 500 ships for the British Navy throughout its history.
Elswick team. The shipyard in Elswick built entire fleets for various countries and was especially famous for its cruisers.
Clydebank team. The shipyard in Clydebank was famous for its warships of all types, ranging from destroyers to battleships.During the day, event participants will receive special missions that can be completed in Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles playing Tier V ships and higher.

Completing the missions will advance you through the personal and team progress bars and unlock rewards. Your personal and team progress is reset to zero at the beginning of each new stage.


During the day, each player is issued combat missions once every 40 minutes; the time to complete each of them is limited to 120 minutes. Players can carry out only three missions simultaneously.

After a mission expires, the next mission becomes available. A total of 31 missions are available throughout each day. Battles that end after a mission expires are counted toward the next mission. The only exceptions are the last missions of the day. The time for counting the results of these missions is extended by 20 minutes.

The missions are only available during a certain time period each day. This period is extended to 22 hours. More details are available in the game client.

Personal and Team Progress

Completing the missions will earn you Points for both personal and team progress. When you reach certain personal and team milestones, you’ll receive rewards.
The reward for reaching each stage of personal progress is credited immediately.
The reward for team progress is credited if your personal progress is equal to or higher than the team progress.During each stage, you can obtain up to 10 rewards—five for personal progress and five for team progress. To obtain all 10 rewards, you need to earn 1,500 Personal Progress Points and 150,000 Team Progress Points during the week.

Earning Points

Each mission has four completion marks.
Reaching each mark will earn you 20 Points.
In total, you can earn 80 Points per mission.If you complete missions more efficiently than other players, then after completing the mission, you’ll receive from 10 to 25 additional Points, as well as see your position in the overall player standings.

The results are summed up when each mission expires, and the teams take their places in the overall team standings. A team is awarded 700; 900; or 1,200 Points per mission, based on its position in the team standings. The position in the overall standings, in turn, depends on the activity of the members of each team.


Advancing through the personal and team progress bars can earn you themed British Commanders with 6 skill points; a researchable Tier V British ship ( V Hawkins, V Emerald, or V Acasta); a special reward; and a new temporary resource—British Tokens.

You can collect all the unique rewards by selecting a new team each week. The ships come with all of their modules researched. The first time you earn a unique reward from any team, you’ll also receive the Industry Titans achievement.

The unique reward from each team can be obtained several times if you select this team again at the beginning of a new stage and reach a certain mark in terms of personal progress. You can have an unlimited number of the themed British Commanders simultaneously.

If you already have the mentioned ships in your Port, then upon reaching a certain mark on the personal progress bar, you’ll receive compensation in Credits equal to the cost of the ship with all of her modules researched.

British Tokens

You can obtain as many as 1,010 British Tokens for free. This will be enough to grab VII Rooke and a special camouflage for VIII Hawke.
760 Tokens for participating in the Industry Titans event
50 Tokens in free daily bundles
200 Tokens in exchange for Community Tokens
Permanent camouflages only change the ship exterior and do not provide any economic or combat bonuses.
You can also find British Tokens in random bundles available in exchange for Doubloons. Permanent economic bonuses for IX Duncan and X St. Vincent, as well as VII Collingwood and IX Duncan, are available in the same bundles.

If you already have permanent economic bonuses for IX Duncan or X St. Vincent, you’ll receive compensation in the form of Doubloons.

In addition to bundles with warships in Early Access, you can exchange British Tokens for expendable economic bonuses and Credits in the Armory.
We come bearing gifts! Stay on the lookout for Community Tokens in this and other articles on our website! You can exchange them in the Armory for containers that hold Premium ships and other items. Stay tuned for more news, and be sure to share the articles with your friends so they can also enjoy claiming gifts!
The reward can be claimed before: Fri. 05 Aug. 15:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Watch our official streams and participate in the Public Test and other activities to earn Community Tokens. In total, you will be able to find up to 850 Community Tokens on our website before the end of Update 0.11.6.

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