Three Years Young: Anniversary Gifts

Captains, these 3 Legendary years have been great! We want to thank you for being with us and hope for many more years together on the high seas. However, no birthday is good without presents: check out what we’ve prepared for you to celebrate the occasion!

Night Symphony Bundle

Two in one—a birthday present for you and the debut of Commonwealth ships in Legends! Tier II Premium destroyer Vampire comes with a swift reload, good angling, and a solid set of in-game items. Make sure to claim the present from your platform store between August 1 and August 29!

The package includes:

1x Commonwealth Tier II Premium destroyer Vampire (you also receive Commonwealth Commander Leonard Murray)

5x Promotion Orders

1x Insignia

75x Rare Boosters (15 of each type)

12x Red, White, and Blue camouflages

12x Revolutionary camouflages

12x Regia Marina camouflages

12x European camouflages

12x Anniversary camouflages

Windroses & FWB 

More bonuses! From August 8 through 15, Windroses are active for ships from Tier IV to Legendary Tier with the following rewards:

Tier IV: 2x Hunter camouflages

Tier V: 2x Anniversary camouflages 

Tier VI: 3x Rare Battle Boosters

Tier VII: 3x Epic Battle Boosters

Tier VIII: 1x Insignia

Legendary Tier: 1x Summer Big Crate

From August 26 through 29, more impressive First Win Bonuses will also be active, bumped up to x5 instead of the usual x1.5 for all ships.

Anniversary Bureau

A free throwback project focused on the latest biggest events in Legends, including the arrival of Italian battleships, Royal Navy carriers, Racing Legends event, and more. It will reward you with a total of eight various themed crates, each dedicated to a significant landmark of the past Legendary year, as well as the Unsinkable Sam patch and base, among other prizes. 

Treasure Hunt

The special web event returns—obtain keys, unlock cells, and receive cool rewards! Those include crates, Commander Progression Items, camos, and more.

Treasure Hunt works exactly the same as last summer, the only change being that you can obtain one more Super V crate—with a 30% discount—in addition to the one you get when all 150 cells are unlocked. Additionally, all Tier V Premium ships released since the first instance of Treasure Hunt concluded (those being Arizona, Hyūga, Zuihō, Anshan, and Huanghe) have been added to the possible drops. Check the exact list of ships here

We’ll cover Treasure Hunt in detail in a standalone blog post closer to its release on August 8. The event will be available through August 29, unless otherwise announced.

Return of Special & Collaboration Content

There’s one more pleasant birthday-related surprise! The following ranges of collaboration & special content will be added to the Store in August and remain there until August 29 (with exceptions in brackets below):

Warhammer 40,000 (you can already find the goods in the Store, but only until the clock strikes August 1)

Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- (make sure to pick up your goods before August 22) & Golden Week 

Black Friday


New Year 

Stellar Clash, including a chance to get the all-new Des Moines Galaxy skin 

Get your presents, and turn the tide! 

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