Apply a Tag—Get 1 Day of Warships Premium Account


What part of World of Warships captivates you most? Is it the global multiplayer environment? The gritty naval setting? Or is it perhaps the realistic ship models? Tell us what draws you to the game by applying tags here on Steam, and we’ll grant you a full day of Warships Premium Account!

How to take part:

Find the “Popular user-defined tags for this product” section on the right-hand side of the main page of the game.
Click the “+” symbol.
Select a tag (or create your own) that’s applicable to World of Warships. To select an existing tag from the list, click the “+” symbol next to the tag of your choice.
Share your list of tags in the comments of this news item.Voilà! Your Warships Premium Account will be activated precisely 7 days later.

Attention! The reward can only be granted once a month per player, regardless of the number of tags applied.

Good luck in battle, Captains!

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