Dockyard: Building Puerto Rico

Throughout Updates 0.11.7 – 0.11.9, the buzz and frenzy at the Dockyard will be all about building Puerto Rico. This ship is based on an American design developed during World War II.
The expiration of the Washington Naval Treaty in 1936 gave American designers free rein to come up with whatever they thought expedient to meet the needs of the Navy. By the end of the 1930s, a stringent situation had emerged in the Pacific, exposing the United States’ need for heavy cruisers to effectively protect communication lines and aircraft carrier formations. Simply said, the country needed a strong ship with great firepower, high speed, and effective armor. By the year 1940, several projects had been created. The CA-2D design was the largest of them in terms of size and outnumbered all the other ones in main battery guns. This is the very project we used as a prototype for X Puerto Rico in our game.

She’s armed with twelve 305 mm guns placed in four main battery turrets. The cruiser’s AP shells have good damage-dealing capabilities and enhanced ricochet angles. The ship also has a large HP pool and solid armor protection. The cruiser is best suited for duels at medium to long ranges, but at the same time, she’s no less effective in supporting allies with her good AA defenses to repel enemy air attacks. Her Surveillance Radar is a must-have when capturing Key Areas.

Event Rules

The construction process at the Dockyard comprises 40 phases.
The combat missions span Updates 0.11.7; 0.11.8; and the first 3 weeks of 0.11.9. The Dockyard itself will remain in your Ports until the start of Update 0.11.10.
In total, you can progress through 34 out of 40 shipbuilding phases by completing combat missions.
You can advance through shipbuilding phases by completing Dockyard missions or spending 1,750 Doubloons to pass through each phase.
If you want to complete shipbuilding phases at a discount, you can purchase Starter Packs: 12 phases in exchange for 12,000 Doubloons and six phases in exchange for 7,500 Doubloons. However, these packs will only be available to purchase prior to the point in time when you complete four shipbuilding phases by finishing combat missions.

Go to Armory

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If you decide to complete the construction of X Puerto Rico by spending Doubloons, you’ll still be able to progress through the Dockyard combat missions. However, in that case, you’ll get 250 Steel for each completed phase instead of the usual rewards.

If you already have X Puerto Rico, completing her at the Dockyard will bring you a Puerto Rico Certificate. This can be exchanged in a special section of the Armory—Dockyard: Certificate Exchange—for one of the following rewards: 35,000 Doubloons; 33,000 Steel; or 63,000 Research Points. Note: If you want to purchase something with Coal, we recommend choosing Steel as your reward and taking advantage of the Steel-to-Coal conversion on the Armory purchase screen. If you do not exchange your Puerto Rico Certificate for one of the available resources before the release of Update 0.11.10, you will automatically receive 35,000 Doubloons when the update goes live.[expand style=more] [/expand]

Combat Missions

The new game event tasks you with completing 90 combat missions spread across 10 groups. The first group will become available with the release of Update 0.11.7, while those that follow will be unlocked each week.

Completing the first six groups will progress you through three shipbuilding phases each—two phases for accomplishing certain missions and one for finishing the group. Completing each of the remaining four combat mission groups will progress you through four shipbuilding phases—three for accomplishing certain missions and one for finishing the group.


By progressing through the Dockyard combat missions only, you can complete 34 out of 40 shipbuilding phases and obtain the following rewards at the Dockyard:
10,000 Coal
25,000 Free XP
75,000 Elite Commander XP
5 days of Warships Premium Account
25 of each of the following expendable bonuses: “Credits +20%,” “Ship XP +100%,” “Commander XP +100%,” and “Free XP +300%”
3x Distant Voyages containers
20x Stars ‘n’ Stripes camouflages
7x Gift containers
15 of each of the following expendable bonuses: “Credits +40%,” “Ship XP +200%,” “Commander XP +200%,” and “Free XP +600%”
Destroyer VII Huron with a Port slot and Commander with 6 skill points
10 of each of the following expendable bonuses: “Credits +160%,” “Ship XP +800%,” “Commander XP +800%,” and “Free XP +2,400%”

Completing Construction of the Ship

To complete the shipbuilding process entirely, in addition to progressing through all the combat mission groups, you’ll need to spend Doubloons to finish any six shipbuilding phases.
Completing the 35th phase will bring you three of each of the following expendable bonuses: “Credits +320%” and “Ship XP +1,600%”
Completing the 36th phase will bring you three of each of the following expendable bonuses: “Commander XP +1,600%” and “Free XP +7,200%”
The 37th phase will bring you 10,000 Coal
The 38th phase will bring you 4,000 Research Points
The 39th phase will bring you 2,000 Steel
Upon completing the 40th shipbuilding phase, you’ll receive X Puerto Rico clad in her Ceremonial permanent camouflage, as well as a Port slot, Commander with 10 skill points, and commemorative flag

Modeling the Ship

Main Battery

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Twelve (4х3) 305 mm 50 Mk.8 guns placed in turrets

Secondary Battery

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Sixteen (8×2) 127 mm 54 Mk.16 guns on Mk.41 mounts

AA Defenses

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Sixty-four (16×4) 40 mm 56 Bofors guns on Mk.2 mounts
Twenty-six 20 mm Oerlikon guns on Mk.4 mounts


Main Armaments Modification 1
Damage Control System Modification 1
Aiming Systems Modification 1
Damage Control System Modification 2
or Steering Gears Modification 1
Concealment System Modification 1
Main Battery Modification 3[expand style=more] [/expand]

Key Features


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Powerful main battery guns
Strong armor and a solid HP pool
A broad selection of available consumables[/expand]


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Large hull size
Mediocre maneuverability
Extended firefighting time[/expand]
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We’re happy to invite you to lay down the keel of your Puerto Rico at the Dockyard!

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