The Auction Is Back

Captains, this update sees the return of the Auction—with more goods this time! It works as follows: bid resources, either credits or doubloons; get in-game items or get your bid back. Note that the Auction is open only to players with at least 25 battles in total (including those versus AI) under their belt, and it’s scheduled to be held from August 18 through 22.

The rules are the same as last time, as simple as it gets:

Explore the lots

Compete for valuables with other players during the blind auction, which means you don’t see other participants’ bids. Each lot—with one available per player—includes a particular number of treasured in-game items. 

High and early bids win 

Earlier and higher bids improve your chances of winning: If two of the lowest winning bids are equal, the one placed earlier takes priority. Please note: Bid funds are blocked until the auction ends or you revoke your bid.

Win—or lose nothing 

As soon as bidding for a lot ends, you either get the items you placed a bid on or get your credits or doubloons back. Importantly, if your bid wins, the bid amount is going to be exactly the sum of resources you decided to spend—so don’t go overboard!

Your winnings or resources you used to bid if the bid was unsuccessful will be credited to your accounts starting at 02:00 AM Central / 07:00 AM UTC on August 22.

The current set of lots looks as follows:

4x Commendations

Commander Progression Items are always a welcome sight in the stash.  

Starting bid: 5,000,000 credits

Available items: 3,000 lots 

The Golden Potato Flag

Show off your true self—in gold! 

Starting bid: 500 doubloons

Available items: 3,500 lots 

Alice Thompson Commander guise

The one-and-only “Auctioneer Lady”! She comes in the form of the newest Commander guise with golden shell tracers, applicable to all nations’ historical and event Commanders (excluding collaboration ones). 

Starting bid: 2,000 doubloons

Available items: 5,000 lots 

Tier VIII German Premium destroyer Elbing

A powerful German destroyer of the all-new tier! Hard-hitting torpedoes with long range? Check. A ton of HP? Check. Mighty 5.9-inch (150 mm) guns? Obviously.

Please note: Elbing will return to the Store in an upcoming update, obtainable for Global XP. 

Starting bid: 20,000 doubloons

Available items: 1,000 lots

Prepare for auctioneering, and turn the tide!

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