Hampshire and Web Campaign

Hampshire has arrived in the Armory and Premium Shop!

You can celebrate the event with a new web campaign—choose a team and set off on a journey around the world to collect combat missions and themed rewards!

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In 1932, three Surrey-class cruisers were meant to enter service in the Royal Navy. The design of the ships was based on Exeter, but with a 10,000-ton displacement and a fourth main battery turret added. However, the London Naval Treaty prevented that from happening. The introduced limitation on the total displacement of heavy cruisers forced Great Britain to cancel the Surrey order due to the total displacement limit being exhausted. Hampshire is our answer to the question: “What might the further development of the Surrey-class British cruisers have looked like?”

In honor of VIII Hampshire’s release, we’re launching a web campaign. Follow the instructions on the map to collect all the available rewards!
Starts: Fri. 26 Aug. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)
Ends: Fri. 09 Sep. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Around the World and a Little Bit Further

This time, you’re about to set off on a journey around the world and uncover the mystery of the Navigators—a powerful ancient guild of seafarers and explorers of the depths. The web campaign consists of seven stages which must be completed sequentially. The final reward will depend on the team you decide to join. Over the entire journey, you’ll be able to earn:

For completing the web campaign, you’ll receive two Navigator Tokens—you can use these to get random VIII Hampshire bundles. Moreover, the web campaign is the only way you can obtain the Around the World themed patch and flag.


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The Around the World Campaign comprises seven mandatory stages that will bring your team closer step by step to the mysterious Navigator Tokens. Make your choices on the website, claim the combat missions, and complete them—you’ll learn their requirements upon claiming them. Follow the instructions on the map to acquire Navigator Tokens and other rewards!


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This time, you’re about to set off on a journey around the globe, and the campaign map covers the entire world. You need to sequentially complete all combat missions in each port to get all the rewards.

Choosing a Team

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The choice of team that you need to make at the beginning of your journey will define your final reward. Join either the brave explorers or reckless pirates, and set off in pursuit of Navigator Tokens flying the flag of one of the event characters.
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In the Armory, you’ll find bundles with themed Commander William Lymington and the Cloud Privateer permanent camouflage for VIII Hampshire, plus you’ll be able to obtain the ship from random bundles. To acquire the latter, you’ll need Navigator Tokens.
The bundles are available until: Fri. 16 Sep. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

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Navigator Tokens

You can obtain Navigator Tokens in the Armory and Premium Shop. The Armory also has three Navigator Tokens available in exchange for Credits.
Navigator Tokens are a temporary resource for the Around the World event. You can obtain Navigator Tokens by completing combat missions of the campaign, which will be available on the website for a limited period. With the release of Update 0.11.9, any unspent Navigator Tokens will be converted into Free XP at the rate of 1:35,000.

Navigator Token

Bundle includes
Navigator Tokens: 1 3,500,000 Credits Purchase

Navigator Token

Bundle includes
Navigator Tokens: 1 1,000 Doubloons Purchase

Research Cruise

Navigator Tokens can be exchanged for random bundles which can drop Hampshire, the Cloud Privateer permanent camouflage, Commander William Lymington, expendable economic bonuses, and other items.

Research Cruise

Random bundle
0/35 1 Navigator Tokens Purchase

VIII Hampshire is a British heavy cruiser that embodied the further development of the Surrey-class ships with the number of her main battery guns increased to ten.
If deemed necessary, balance changes may be applied to VIII Hampshire.The ship comes with a permanent camouflage, and she has standard economic bonuses for her tier. She also earns more Credits per battle and has a reduced post-battle service cost. Commander retraining isn’t required for this ship.

Free XP

The Armory also has a bundle with 35,000 Free XP.

35,000 Free XP

1 item 35,000 Free XP
Bundle includes
Free XP: 35,000 1 Navigator Tokens Purchase

Hampshire in the Premium Shop

The conventional Admiral Pack with Hampshire can be obtained in the Premium Shop. The bundle includes:
VIII Hampshire with a Port slot and Commander with 10 skill points
10,500,000 Credits
50x Union Jack camouflages
85x expendable economic bonuses of each of the following types: “Credits +40%,” “Ship XP +200%,” “Commander XP +200%,” and “Free XP +600%”
Commemorative flag The bundles are available until: Fri. 16 Sep. 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

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