Transformers Go Legendary

The TRANSFORMERS robots are back! This time, with very solid reinforcements in the form of Legendary ship skins (and one more for Tier VIII République). More good news—each and every item from the previous arrivals of the collaboration will be available from September 1 throughout the update, until October 3. That includes Commanders, ship skins, and containers.  

The list of the newest skins looks as follows:

Gearing – Gold Bug (Bumblebee) 

Optimus Prime’s sidekick is rapid and dangerous, just like Gearing. Launch your long-range torpedoes in style with this skin! 

Montana – Freedom Fighter (Optimus Prime)

The legendary leader of Autobots is here and ready to rumble (no pun intended!). Optimus Prime skin for Montana is very fitting—hitting hard with your shells never looked that good. 

Minotaur – Hot Racer (Hot Rod)

Fast and versatile—that is true for both Hot Rod and Minotaur. Bonus: looking A+!

Großer Kurfürst – Messenger of Oblivion (Megatron)

Your foes better be prepared, or their demise will be swift! Megatron & Großer Kurfürst are a great alliance—looking intimidating and powerful at the same time. 

Khabarovsk – Crush’n’Destroy (Rumble)

Small but extremely tough—watch out! That’s Rumble—and Khabarovsk—for you!

République – King of Primitives (Grimlock)

Raaaawr! République and Grimlock have a lot in common—huge and mighty steel monsters, ready to crush their enemies. 

Gear up for the eternal fight, and turn the tide! 

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