Legends Go Mobile: Everything You Need to Know

With the mobile Legends coming for Captains in Canada and the Philippines—and worldwide in the foreseeable future—it’s about time we answer the most burning questions about it. Get in!

Scroll to the bottom to find out how to link your mobile account to your console!

What is WoWS: Legends?

World of Warships: Legends is the premier massively multiplayer online naval combat game for consoles that now branches onto mobile devices! You’ll find hundreds of historical ships and dozens of the commanders who were in charge of them, combined with multiple game modes and wrapped with juicy graphics! There’s an established player base spanning most countries where consoles are present, so you’ll meet many friends and adversaries along your journey. 

What is the current state of the mobile version of the game?

We would call it a “soft-launch.” In our case, that means we’re ending the beta test, and the game now exists in parallel across the consoles and mobile platforms, with no further progress resetting and with cross-progression enabled but only available in the countries we’re rolling out in (namely, Canada and the Philippines). All the game news, most of the features, and new ships are going to be available at your fingertips.

When does Legends for mobile release in my country?

We begin with the Philippines and Canada, and once we’ve ironed out the kinks with the fully functional mobile version, you can expect the game in your country!

Are there differences between the console and mobile versions?

While Legends is essentially the same game on either platform, there are a few things that differentiate the console and mobile versions. The main point would be the user interface, as the mobile version is obviously reliant on touch controls. However, if you’re a controller user through and through, fear not, support for gamepads will be enabled in a few months. The console version also has more hardware for graphics, making 4K possible, but we’ll do our best to make the game look as pretty as we can wherever you may play it. 

There are also a few things that the console version has that the mobile will receive soon, such as:

The Bureau

Filtering the ships in Port

Personal patches

Arena battles

Booster conversion

Service record

Aircraft carriers (this will take us the longest as carriers require a special control UI)

These features will take us a bit of time to implement, but within a few months, we should have the game possessing the same features, no matter what platform you’re on currently.

Are there any exceptions to cross-progression? 

There are a few exceptions indeed. Namely, the items you purchase in PlayStation Store cannot be used when logging in to the game from mobile. This would be the case for Premium items that are platform-specific. So if you bought something in the PlayStation Store, you wouldn’t be able to use it on your mobile device. This includes ships, skins, Commanders, containers, and flags. However, if you purchase a Premium item for doubloons or another in-game currency from the game Store while on your PlayStation, this item will be available on your mobile device as well.

Quick start for first time players

Once you download Legends to your mobile device, you’ll be just one step away from being in the heat of the battle. Feel free to choose either one of the starting cruisers—American Albany or Japanese Chikuma—as your first battle is going to focus on movement and the basics of shooting.

When you’re starting out, make sure to familiarize yourself with the tap controls:

To begin moving your ship closer to the engagement, tap the forward button several times. Your telegraph position (essentially, engine power) will remain in the position you set it to, so you can concern yourself with other aspects of controlling the ship.*

Try moving the camera around by dragging your finger across the screen in different ways. Camera movement also controls your guns, so be wary of that as gun movement takes time, this will be especially noticeable once you graduate (if you choose to) to battleships.

Feel free to shoot at stuff, even just at the water, to get an idea of where your shells land. Take note of how your shells behave, as you’ll need to lead your shots with moving targets, predicting where they will be in a few seconds’ time.

Make sure that you have an enemy ship focused in your sights, as only then you’ll be able to correct your aim properly and take the lead for your shots.

Once you have a solid grasp on basic movement and shooting, we’ll take some time to talk about tactics, but we’re probably out of the first battle. 

As you’re out of combat and back to Port, you’ll get a chance to start upgrading your ship. For example, if you’ve chosen Chikuma, it’s going to be Targeting System: Type1 mod. 2, which boosts your firing range, giving you an opportunity to start dealing damage a few moments earlier in the first engagement. Let’s mount whatever upgrade is available and move on to the next battle. If you want to try another ship at this point, it’s entirely up to you.

After the first few battles, you’ll be able to try out different ship types—destroyers or battleships. Destroyers offer the fastest-paced gameplay in Legends and rely on the element of surprise a lot, but their HP pools are also quite limited, so being surgical with your torpedo attacks is paramount. Battleships are floating fortresses that are slow in everything they do, but they also have the most devastating salvos of the bunch. Try them all and see what you like before deciding on a line to pursue. 

At this point of your journey, you should also gain access to Commanders. They synergize with your ships and improve their combat capabilities. There are default Commanders for each nation that can boost any of the ship types’ strong points or make up for their weaknesses. Much like the ships, Commanders also improve over time—you spend Commander XP, Promotion Orders, and Insignias to rank them up and improve their skills. 

Quick start for console players

If you’re from Canada or the Philippines and you have a console account already, here’s how you can use it on your mobile device!

Upon the first launch, you’ll be prompted to use one of the following: Apple or Facebook account. Once you choose your method, you’ll be taken to the Port as if you’ve just started your game. Go “back” until you get to the main menu (HQ), then go to Settings > Account (you cannot yet go “back” on an Apple device, so you’ll have to play a few battles first). While there, press “Account linking” and choose either PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.

Insert your login data. You’ll be prompted to choose your main account, so please choose correctly, as this is the only time you’ll be able to synchronize.

Once you choose the account, you’ll be asked to input the credentials once more and that will seal the deal, synchronizing your mobile and console accounts’ progress, keeping it that way forevermore. 

If for one reason or another you’ve linked your account incorrectly, contact our support team and we’ll revert it, however it may take us a couple of days. 

Once you’ve linked your accounts, you can continue playing from either your console or mobile device and use the stores on both. Once again, keep in mind that any items (specifically ships, skins, Commanders, containers, and flags) you purchase in the PlayStation Store (outside of the game) can only be used on your PlayStation console. 

Go mobile, and turn the tide!

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