Rooivalk Mk1F CSH: Heavy Accent

The Rooivalk Mk1F CSH helicopter is a true marvel of the South African defense industry. Equipped with advanced technologies which allow it to engage and destroy large numbers of enemy tanks!

Rooivalk Mk1F CSH, strike helicopter, Britain, rank VI. Premium, available in a Store pack.

Brilliant flight capabilities
Long-range ZT-6 Mokopa ATGMs
Air-to-air missiles
Thermal imager

In War Thunder, the Rooivalk Mk1F comes as a new Premium attack helicopter at rank VI of the British helicopter tech tree. The aircraft will appear in our online store as part of a special pack immediately after the release of the Drone Age update. Born to the harsh conditions of Southern Africa and designed to operate in a high-threat environment, the concept of this attack helicopter rests on four pillars: “go unnoticed; if spotted, avoid being hit; if hit – continue the flight; if the flight is impossible, the flight crew must survive.” The Rooivalk Mk1F embodies the intentions of her creators as a fully-fledged world-class attack helicopter in terms of its flight characteristics, technologies used, and combat effectiveness.

As for its technical and flight characteristics, the Rooivalk Mk1F is not only on par with other modern attack helicopters from around the world but sometimes (for example, in terms of maximum hovering height) even surpasses them. The power plant of two Turbomeca Makila 1K2 turboshaft engines provides a top speed of over 300 km/h, while the strafe speed exceeds 90 km/h. The “brain” of the helicopter is a fully digital computer with two MFDs in the cockpit. The sighting system with information projected onto the pilot’s visor includes a night vision device and a thermal imager, the nose turret with a 20-mm GI2 cannon is also synchronized with the position of the visor.

The helicopter’s suspended weapons options can be arranged for several combat tasks, which can include the excellent Mistral air-to-air missiles with all-aspect seekers, which work perfectly not only against enemy helicopters but also against enemy jet fighters. The remaining four suspension points can be equipped with new to the game ZT-6 Mokopa ATGMs with a tandem warhead, as well as 70mm HEAT rockets that can overcome up to 350 mm of tank armor.

You can purchase this modern African attack helicopter as part of a special pack in our online store, which will be available with the release of the Drone Age update. The patch is almost ready – we are waiting for the update with you!

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