Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.9

IMPORTANT! Because the update is still being tested, the information in this bulletin is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Some changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the update is released.Please note: The rewards for activities on the Public Test Server may differ from those on the Live Server.

Early Access to U.S. and German Submarines

We are pleased to introduce a new ship type—submarines! We worked hard to prepare submarines for their eventual release during their time in testing. We’ve tweaked their mechanics and the ways they interact with other ship types based on the test results, statistics, and player feedback.

Following the latest round of changes to this ship type, we’re confident that submarines in their current state fit well into the gameplay of World of Warships and are ready to be introduced into the game on a permanent basis. U.S. and German submarines will be the first full-fledged representatives to emerge (or submerge!) in the game.

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Early Access

German and U.S. Tier VI and VIII submarines will arrive in Early Access. They can be obtained from sequential bundles in the Armory in exchange for Submarine Tokens.

The Tokens can be obtained by completing Personal Challenges that await you in Update 0.11.9; in exchange for Community Tokens; and from random bundles for Doubloons.

Submarines can also be obtained from the new Submarines containers.

You’ll be able to reset all of your Commanders’ skills if you so wish and remove upgrades free of charge during the first 2 weeks after Update 0.11.9 goes live. To automatically reset skills of all your Commanders for free, you’ll need to click a button in a special article on our website.For several updates after the release of Update 0.11.9, we don’t plan to make significant changes to the gameplay of submarines, their settings, and the way they interact with other ship types, unless there is a critical need to do so. This will allow them to catch on in the game and give players an opportunity to acclimatize to the new ship type. In the meantime, we’ll be able to collect the most up-to-date and accurate statistics. At the same time, small balance changes will still be made when necessary.

Personal Challenges

Personal Challenges will become available again during Update 0.11.9. For this iteration, we’ve updated the interface, as well as diversified the mission completion criteria.

As before, Personal Challenges are divided into two stages of 2 weeks each. During the first stage, you need to earn ribbons; during the second stage, you need to earn Base XP. In future iterations, new conditions will be added, such as damage dealt.

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As a reward for completing missions, you’ll earn Submarine Tokens, which are required to obtain submarines in Early Access, as well as Coal.

Operation Wolfpack

Special Operation Wolfpack is dedicated to the release of submarines. It will allow players to get to grips with the new ship type and its gameplay.

The Operation is inspired by real World War II events—submarines hunting for convoys.


Players fight at the helms of Tier VI and VIII submarines in a team of seven.

An enemy convoy with strategic cargo breaks through neutral waters. A combat squadron rushes to help the convoy.

Your objective is to break through the lines of escorting warship groups and destroy the transport ships before they reach their destination point and meet with reinforcements. During the Operation, the submarine squadron will be provided with air support from allied aircraft.

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Technical Updates

We’ve returned the movement effect of sonar pings emitted by submarines. It was good at drawing the attention of both the targeted player and their allies to the attacking submarine. Combined with the ping launch effect that appears on the surface of the water, it will allow you to locate a submarine more accurately and attack her more effectively.

Added new ribbons for depth charges. They will more clearly show the effectiveness of dropping bombs on submarines:

The “Hit” ribbon is awarded when a submarine receives full damage from a depth charge.
The “Splash Damage” ribbon is awarded when a submarine receives partial damage from a depth charge.
Adding Automatic ASW for Aircraft Carriers

All aircraft carriers of Tier VI and above will receive a variant of Depth Charge Airstrike that functions automatically. It will not serve as a tool for hunting submarines; it will only give aircraft carriers a means of defense against submarines that deploys even when the ship’s Captain is controlling squadrons.

Depth Charge Airstrike will activate if a submarine or signs of her presence, such as oil spots on the water or the effect of using sonar, are detected within the armament’s range. An airstrike will be carried out taking any necessary lead into account. At the same time, the submarine will have the opportunity to evade if she effectively maneuvers in time.


Operations Saving Transylvania and Sunray in the Darkness await players this year as part of the Halloween celebrations.

Operation Saving Transylvania will be available as Operation of the Week in the first week of the update; Sunray in the Darkness—in the second week. Players will be able to complete them as part of a Division throughout Update 0.11.9. Both Operations will be available at the normal difficulty level. Standard Operations will be available for completion during Update 0.11.9 as part of a Division only. With the release of Update 0.11.10, Operations of the Week will be replaced by Random Operations again.

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The update also brings back the Twilight Battle temporary battle type, which is familiar to players from Halloween 2018, with minor visual improvements. Let’s take a refresher on the key rules of this event!

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Two teams of seven players each clash against each other playing special ships on the map from Operation Sunray in the Darkness. The key objective is to destroy all enemy ships. At the same time, the water area is gradually taken over by the Filth, and the safe zone for ships continuously shrinks. Ships outside the safe zone receive damage depending on the ship type.

Twilight Battle will become available 2 weeks after Update 0.11.9 goes live.

Other Changes

Changes to Commanders, skills, and upgrades

A number of unique Commander talents, skills, and upgrades have been updated to bring them to a better balance and increase their versatility. More details are available on our Development Blog.

We’ve also made improvements to the interface of the Commander Skills screen and Skills in Detail section. It’s now possible in the Reserve to view the available Commanders of all nations, regardless of whether Captains have ships of those nations or not.
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