Project “████po█████”: light tank CCVL

Prototype of a light airborne tank designed for fire support for infantry will be the main ‘tank’ prize of the upcoming crafting event!

CCVL, light tank, USA, rank VI. Event vehicle.

Good mobility
Light armor
Thermal imagers for gunner and commander
Auto loader
Crew: 3 members

And here is the main “tank” prize of the upcoming crafting event – the CCVL experimental light tank. The vehicle was designed as an airborne one, so it is compact and has low weight, and features only bulletproof armor, while possessing excellent armament and remarkable driving performance. It’s a mean little scout!

The CCVL is the direct ancestor of the AGS, VFM 5 and XM8 light tanks already known to War Thunder tankers. The light chassis gains quite a high power-to-weight ratio, allowing the tank to perfectly overcome off-road terrain, climb hills, and quickly get up to maximum speed.

The tank is well-armed. The 105mm cannon, familiar from the AGS and early M1 Abrams tanks, supports ammunition for all combat situations, including smoke and a couple of fin-stabilized AP rounds. Reloading is fast, thanks to the automatic loader; the electric turret drive makes it easy to target the weak spots of opponents in close combat, even while moving. The modern fire control system includes a stabilizer and thermal imagers both for the commander and gunner.

The survivability of the CCVL depends entirely on mobility and skillful use of cover. The fact is that aluminum alloy armor can easily be penetrated by all types of ammunition, except for machine guns and shrapnel. The crew of the tank was only three members. In general, if you get caught in the enemy’s sight, there will almost never be any hope of a return shot. CCVL must move to live!

Get yourself a special event tank just by playing the game! The autumn crafting event is happening soon! We will continue to tell you about other event prizes – stay tuned for our news and social networks!

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