Account Transfer has started!

Dear players!

Now, the transfer procedure begins! Starting from this date, you can transfer your account data to the EU server* and continue playing via Steam.

*If you don’t want to transfer your account to the EU server, check the additional information by clicking on this link.

Transfer: General Information

This transfer campaign has been designed specifically for CIS realm players in order to give them the opportunity to move their accounts to the EU realm and continue playing World of Warships on Steam. All the other regions remain without any changes (e.g. in terms of this campaign you cannot transfer your account from NA to EU, or from ASIA to NA etc.).

The transfer allows the player to move their account data from one server to another while retaining purchases, resources, statistics etc. After the transfer, the original account on the CIS server will be blocked and then deleted in 59 days. During this time period, every transferred player has a one-time opportunity to change their decision.

The transfer procedure is available for all players that have an account on the CIS realm.

In order to use the transfer option, you need to have an email address and password added to your World of Warships account.

We fully understand that this decision might not be an easy one and you might have a lot of extra questions about the transfer. We will try our best to cover as much information as possible in this article. Let’s dive into the details!

Transfer: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I prepare for the transfer?
A: Generally, you don’t need to do anything, but you can make a couple of actions beforehand to make sure that everything goes smoothly:
Check if you have completed the account registration. If not, make sure to add an email and a password to your account.
Check if you have another account on EU registered using the same Steam account. If yes, then you will need to unbind it from your Steam ID. Q: What will happen to my progress and in-game property when I transfer to the EU server?
A: All your in-game items are transferred to the new EU account, with the exception of cruiser Bagration and its permanent camouflage. Your game statistics may be partially unavailable for certain time periods. All progress made on your account up to the point the decision to transfer your account is taken will be preserved.

Q: Once transferred, can I go back to the RU Server?
A: If you transferred your account to the EU region and then changed your mind, you will have 59 days to decide to return to the RU region. The process includes the following steps: 14 days after a successful account transfer to the EU region, an account in the CIS region will be automatically marked for deletion. Account deletion will take place 45 days from the date the deletion request was made. After a CIS region account is deleted, a return to the RU region is no longer possible. That is, you will have 59 days to change your mind and cancel the removal request, and then remove the restrictions on the game through the CPC. The request for deletion can be canceled by the player themself in the Account page.

Q: Will I be able to make purchases/payments? If so, what will the prices be like?
A: For players from the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus, after the transfer to the EU region, payment in the Premium Shop will not be available (from the date the account transfer procedure is opened). The exception is the case of changing the country of the account if there are grounds for this.
For players not from the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus, after the transfer of the account to the EU region, all payment methods will be available as normal. The pricing approach will be similar to that in the CIS region.

Q: What will happen to my nickname?
A: Your EU account is assigned a nickname according to the following rules: if the your former nickname on the CIS server is not taken in the EU region, it will be transferred as is. If it is being used by a previously-existing account on EU, the system will generate a placeholder nickname and you will be given the ability to change it for free.

Q: What will happen to my clan?
A: If you were a clan commander in the CIS region, then a new clan will be automatically created for you in the EU region. If the clan’s name or tag is already in use in the EU region, the clan will be assigned a random name and tag, which you can change for free. Clan buildings, oil and treasury will be transferred, but not all clan achievements will be. You will be able to distribute resources from the treasury 14 days after the successful account transfer. The clan in the CIS region will be disbanded and its name and tag will be blocked from use by other players for 30 days.

Q: Will my ping change after moving to the EU region?
A: This depends on the individual in question’s ISP and physical location. In some cases, ping may improve, in others it may deteriorate significantly. For players from Ukraine specifically, the connection should be more comfortable on the EU server.
We hope that this article will be useful for everyone who wants to learn more about the transfer before making a decision. We understand that this is a big change for our players, and we will do everything we can to make sure that your gaming experience on a new realm will be enjoyable and fun!

Hope to see you on EU soon!

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