The Recruiting Station: A Simple Guide

Have you ever used the Recruiting Station? If not, then you’ve probably at least heard of it.

As the name suggests, the Recruiting Station is World of Warships’ referral program, and it’s actually much simpler to take advantage of than you might think. In essence, what happens is that a player sends invitations to people who they think would enjoy World of Warships. The inviting player receives rewards when the people they invite accept their invitations and play the game.

Getting Recruits

The Recruiting Station revolves around the relationship between the Recruiter and their Recruits.
A Recruiter can be any player with at least 15 battles fought on their account
A Recruit (a.k.a. Shipmate) is a person who either:

Doesn’t have a World of Warships account
Has fewer than 15 battles on record
Has an account but hasn’t played in 90+ daysIf you fit the criterion to be a Recruiter and you know someone who fits the criteria to be a Recruit, then just send them an invitation through the Recruiting Station interface—either on our website or from your in-game Port screen.

Recruiting Station

You can send as many invitations as you want to as many people as you want—there’s no downside.

Did you know…?

If you’re new to the Recruiting Station, you can claim a FREE Recruiting Station container with minimal effort. Here’s how:
Log in to the Recruiting Station page
Share a referral invitation three timesRegardless of whether the recipients accept the invitations or not, you will automatically get a Junior Recruiting Station container as a welcome!

Benefitting From Recruits

Once somebody accepts one of your invitations, they become tied to your account as your Recruit. What does that mean for you?

Community Tokens

For every single battle your Recruit fights alone, 10 Community Tokens will be credited to your account, up to a limit of 1,500 Community tokens per week.
For every single battle you fight in a Division with one or two of your Recruits, 18 or 22 Community Tokens will be credited to your Account, respectively, plus bonus amounts if these battles end in victory.

Premium Account

The first time your Recruit fights a battle playing a Tier VI ship, 3 days of Warships Premium account will be credited to your account.

Doubloon Cashback

You will receive 10% of the total value of every purchase made by your Recruits in the Premium Shop in the form of Doubloons.As you can see, you can pick your own pace. You can actively support your Shipmates in progressing faster and get higher rewards, or you can just send the invite, sit back, and reap the regular Recruit battle rewards without having to lift a finger. The choice is yours!

Spending Community Tokens

So, you’ve recruited an entire gang of Shipmates and you’re swimming in Community Tokens. What now?


Community Tokens are first and foremost an Armory currency.

Head to the Naval Community tab in the Armory interface and take your pick—from signal flags and economic bonuses to Premium ship containers, special Commanders, and Supercontainers.

Invest in your Recruits!

But Community Tokens are not just any Armory currency.

They have a unique property that allows you to spend them in the REWARDS section of the Recruiting Station interface. There, you can exchange Community Tokens for special bundles of two of each type of Recruiting Station container at a discount. What’s special about these bundles is that while one of the containers goes to your account, the second goes to the Recruit of your choice. It offers a welcome chance for them to obtain one of the valuable rewards inside these containers, including Premium ships.

Did you know…?

The Recruiting Station is not the only source of Community Tokens in World of Warships.
Twitch Drops: Simply link your account to Twitch and watch World of Warships livestreams.
Public Test: Download the Public Test client in the Wargaming Game Center and complete missions during our monthly test sessions.
And more! Stay up to date on the latest World of Warships news on our website to catch all special events and activities giving out Community Tokens.

Rewards for Recruits

The Recruiter isn’t the only one who benefits from this special relationship. So, what do Recruits get?

Click here to see the Recruit benefits
After accepting the Recruiter’s invitation, a Shipmate can earn rewards for performing the following actions:
If they are new players:

Fight one battle in any mode, except for battles in the Training Room
II Emden with the National camouflage, a Port slot, and Commander with 9 skill points
7 days of Warships Premium AccountFight one battle playing a Tier VI ship
VI Repulse with a Port slot and Commander with 10 skill points
7 days of Warships Premium Account
5,000,000 Credits
25x signals of each type
30x common expendable economic bonuses of each type
25x special expendable economic bonuses of each type
20x rare expendable economic bonuses of each type
5x More Coal containers

If they are returning players:

Win 25 battles playing Tier IV–X ships
14 days of Warships Premium Account
Premium Ship V container

Community Tokens

Every single battle a Recruit fights in a Division with their Recruiter will net them 5 Community Tokens—10 if the battle ends in victory.

Anniversary Recruiting Event

The World of Warships Seventh Anniversary party has spread to the Recruiting Station with bonus prizes and hot giveaways for both Recruiters and their Recruits while Update 0.11.8 is live! Each successful Recruit means guaranteed Community Tokens plus entry to both a weekly giveaway and the Grand Giveaway that takes place at the close of the event with Premium ship containers, t-shirts, or even the coveted Belfast on the line!
Event ends: Fri. 07 Oct. 01:59 CEST (UTC+2)

Take Part Now!

For more detailed information about the Recruiting Station, click here.

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