12 vs. 12 Playing Tier VIII Destroyers

Update 0.11.8 sees four Brawls unleashed in different formats. Round 4 will be held in a 12 vs. 12 format playing Tier VIII destroyers.

Brawls are characterized by short seasons and unusual team formats. The clashes are fast and dynamic.


Up to 10,000 Coal, 2,250,000 Credits, 80,000 Elite Commander XP, 56 combat signals, and 16 expendable economic bonuses.


You can take part in the Brawl only during the time period specific to your server.
Format: 12 vs. 12 playing Tier VIII destroyers

Game Maps and Modes

Big Race, Polar, Islands, Loop, Warrior’s Path, and Trident. Battles on all maps are fought in the Domination mode.

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