Battle Pass vehicles: Churchill Crocodile

In the upcoming War Thunder Battle Pass season we will introduce flamethrower vehicles to the game! Meet one of the most famous flamethrower tanks of WWII – the British Churchill Crocodile, a tank prize in the “Smell of Victory” season!

Churchill Crocodile, heavy tank, Britain, rank III. Premium.

Heavy armour
Low speed
Fuel trailer

Very soon, a new season of the War Thunder Battle Pass, which we called the “Smell of Victory”, will start in the game. The Churchill Crocodile is the first flamethrower tank in the game and one of the main prizes of the new season. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing machine!

Flamethrowers on tanks will have a similar mechanic to airborne napalm. They do little damage to heavily armoured targets, although still have a good chance of setting fire to the engine. But the napalm effect to lightly armoured targets is way different! Tank AP rounds oftenly pierce such vehicles with little or no damage at all, but the flamethrower fuel is capable of instantly disabling the crew in open compartments and does tremendous damage to unprotected modules. Tank flame projectors fire long jets of fire mixture under pressure, and being fired in arc trajectory, are able to get the enemy behind a small shelter.

The British Churchill Crocodile is one of the most famous flamethrower tanks in history. It is converted from the Mk.VII modification with a 75mm cannon and excellent protection. The hull-mounted machine gun is replaced by a flame projector, fed by a fuel trailer attached behind the tank. Thanks to this trailer, Churchill Crocodile has the highest number of charges of fire mixture amongst tanks, and also becomes the longest tank in the game!

The flame projector has limited targeting angles, and an aspiring commander will have to turn the entire hull towards the enemy. The tank is famous for its incredible survivability on the battlefield, but the mobility of the steel giant and quite weak AP rounds are definitely among the Churchill’s shortcomings.

You smell that? Do you smell that? The smell of napalm comes to War Thunder tank battles. This is the “Smell of Victory”!

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