Ground Vehicles

ТОR M1 — description of the missile range has been added.
An issue where vehicles got stuck on the bridge in a test drive on Win32 PC’s has been solved.
Fixed an error that caused the vehicle in the leftmost garage slot to hover in the air when switching presets or vehicles in the Anniversary hangar.

Balance adjustments to “Assault. Tank Arcade” mode

The following balance changes have been implemented to “Assault. Tank Arcade” mode:
A team score penalty has been added for each lost vehicle. The penalty depends on the different battle ratings and locations.
Score leech while the enemy captures the base has been reduced for some battle ratings, preliminary high ones.


AV-8A — a bug has been fixed where the hover mode indicator remained incorrectly after switching to another flight mode.
F-105D – a bug has been fixed that prevented the maximum payload being used.

Changes to the attack UAV spawn

This balancing change allows players to counter the attack UAVs easier, without affecting a drone’s efficiency. Click here to read more.
The number of attack UAV spawn points has been reduced from two to one.
The spawn point is now positioned about 10 km distant from the battle area at 4 km height.


Hugin – torpedo launch order has been changed: the left side torpedo launches first, then the right side. Torpedo reload has been fixed: by time in the AB mode, and at captured points in the RB mode.
Folaga – 37mm Breda cannons have been changed to 40mm Bofors. HE and AP belts have been added.
HMS Norfolk – the “Smoke screen” modification has been removed. RP and SL or GE spent for this modification will be refunded.
JDS Harukaze (DD-101) — a bug has been fixed where mixed variants of the secondary armaments require the modification of “Depth charges” instead of “Mortar”.


The Battle Pass end date has been added to the Battle Pass reward window.
A bug has been fixed where a control scheme might be reset on consoles.
A bug has been fixed where the long name of the modification might be hidden behind the progress bar.
A bug has been fixed that caused incorrect speed units in the aircraft HUD.The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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