Pre-order: new rank VII Premium jet fighters

Pre-order new store packs with Premium aircraft of rank VII with unique bonuses!

These packs can be pre-ordered from the Gaijin Store.

MiG-21bis “Lazur-M”

The export version of the MiG-21bis is one of the top performers in War Thunder in terms of max speed and climb rate. In addition to amazing speed, in combat the MiG relies on top rated missiles and an onboard defense system that includes a radar warning unit and flare/chaff pods. The version with the Lazur-M targeting system commissioned in 1975 was in service with the air defense forces of East Germany. As a pre-order bonus, players will receive a unique Czech Air Force camouflage with a splinter pattern.

F-104S-TAF Starfighter

The Italian F-104S Starfighter is a compact, agile and fast jet fighter with a rocket-like climb rate and deadly weapons for both dogfights and ground strikes. The Premium F-104S-TAF is an export version of the aircraft for the Turkish Air Force, intended primarily for close air support. Exceptionally high speed and good maneuverability make it possible to deliver lightning-fast missile and bomb strikes at tree-top heights, avoiding AA fire. To deal with enemy aircraft, the F-104S-TAF can equip AIM-9B and AIM-9P Sidewinder missiles.

Kfir Canard

Kfir Canard jet fighters are upgraded early series Kfir fighters equipped with small canards installed on the nose and engine intakes. In 1985, 25 of these aircraft were leased by the US Navy and US Marine Corps as Soviet MiG-23 simulators. Being in service with the US Navy, Israeli fighters received the designation F-21A Lion. Premium Kfir Canard fighter-bombers provide air support to ground units, delivering huge payloads of bombs and rockets at very high speeds. Flare/chaff pods and second-generation AIM-9D and AIM-9G missiles will help the aircraft protect itself from air threats.

These packs can be pre-ordered from the Gaijin Store.

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