Changes to Test Ships – Closed Test 12.3

14.04.2023 12:00

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Changes to Test Ships – Closed Test 12.3

Based on testing results, we’re applying changes to Halford, Jäger, Novosibirsk, Nottingham, Gato, Elli, and K-1


American destroyer Halford, Tier IX

A second squadron of attack aircraft has been added, which can be launched immediately after giving up control of the first. Both squadrons reload simultaneously: after the first squadron is launched, a 240 second reload timer starts ticking. When it finishes, it will have reloaded both squadrons simultaneously, regardless of when control is given up on the second squadron.
The “Smoke Generator” consumable has been added, similar in characteristics to that of Tier IX American destroyers.

The main feature of the ship – being able to launch a squadron of attack aircraft – makes Halford extremely vulnerable when using them, so the addition of a “Smoke Generator” will allow you to launch your squadron while reducing the risk of being detected. The presence of an additional squadron of attack aircraft will make planning your aircraft sorties more convenient and give the destroyer more tactical options.

With these changes, Halford will be able to utilize the ‘hybrid’ component of her gameplay more confidently. However, as the ship is a destroyer and does not control aircraft for most of the battle, we will monitor her condition and tune her if deemed necessary during testing, so that she can also effectively perform standard tasks for her ship type.

European destroyer Jäger, Tier IX

Torpedo tube reload time increased: 70 to 80 s.

Soviet super cruiser Novosibirsk

Maximum AA firing range increased: 5.8 to 6.9 km.

British cruiser Nottingham, Tier VIII

Detectability range by sea increased: 11.2 to 11.7 km. Accordingly, other types of detectability were increased.

American submarine Gato, Tier X

Torpedo tube reload time increased: 47 to 55 s.

European cruiser Elli, Tier VI

Main battery reload time increased: 6.7 to 8 s.

Soviet submarine K-1, Tier X

Torpedo tube reload time reduced: 55 to 48 s.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game’s website.

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