Weekend Highlights | 13.3 #2

Anzac Day

In Australia and New Zealand, April 25 is a sacred day of remembrance for all those who fell in military service.

Click the button to receive a combat mission with a themed reward of your choice—the “In Remembrance of Heroes” permanent camouflage or a “To the Fallen Soldiers of the Great Wars” patch.


Event Pass Weekend Mission

You’ve probably already heard talk of the ongoing Golden Week Event Pass and all the gilded rewards you can sieve out of it by earning Points.

If you have, then you might also know that each weekend of the Update, you can earn 10 Event Pass Points by completing a simple mission to earn 7,000 Base XP. Head to your Combat Mission tab in-game and check it out!

For more info about the Golden Week Event Pass, visit the dedicated article:

Public Test & Bulletin: Update 13.4

Be the first to test out new features coming in the next game update! This time we’re testing:

The 80th Anniversary of D-Day Event.
A special edition of Clan Battles with Support Consumables enabled.
More info:

Ranked Battles Season 16

Don’t forget that the semi-competitive arenas of Ranked Battles Season 16 are wide open to you! Hop into your Port, and choose Ranked from your battle types list.

Here’s a quick reminder of the conditions governing all three leagues:

Bronze League: 6v6; Tier VIII ships; Max. 4 battleships, 4 destroyers, 1 submarine. No carriers.
Silver League: 6v6; Tier X ships and superships; Max. 4 battleships, 4 destroyers, 1 submarine. No carriers.
Gold League: 6v6; Tier X ships and superships; Max. 3 battleships, 4 destroyers, 1 submarine. No carriers.

Wiesbaden in the Armory

A new Tier VIII German cruiser has dropped anchor in World of Warships—Wiesbaden!

To grab the ship for yourself, open sequential bundles in the Armory holding containers. You are guaranteed to get the ship after opening all bundles, that is, if you don’t already get her from opening one of the containers, because each of them has a chance to drop Wiesbaden!

This light cruiser has low detectability, effective air defenses, and long-range torpedoes. It is capable of dealing a lot of damage with the main caliber per minute and can also use the Smoke Generator.

More info:

Spend Golden Tokens at the Wishing Wharf

You know all those Golden Tokens available in the Golden Week Event Pass? It’s time to spend them to try to get random rewards, including new Japanese hybrid cruiser Chikuma II and her rare Golden edition!

Each try will cost you 100 Golden Tokens, and will bring you rewards from three categories: Common (economic boons), Rare (Japanese ships, including the new hybrid cruiser Chikuma II), and Supreme (Chikuma II Golden – an exclusive visually distinct version of the new ship).

More info:

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